Women of Troy / Voices from Afghanistan


Alliance for New Music-Theatre ventures on its most ambitious cross-cultural collaboration work to date. Women of Troy/Voices from Afghanistan, set in the world’s longest contemporary field of war, promises to be both provocative and profoundly moving in an Afghan-inspired original music-theatre adaptation. The whole project is being developed as a cross-cultural collaboration and process dialogue, representing the writing, composition, and performance of over a dozen performers from America and Afghanistan.

The work, based on Euripides’ most haunting play, Trojan Women, about women-as-victims of war, captures the universal language of music-theatre to tell the important story. We come to understand that despite unspeakable horror, loss, grief, and anger, it is through the voices, the music, poetry, and arts of women that culture will rise again out of the ashes of war. The resilience of Afghan women and the beauty of their creative expressions manifest an uplifting side of the story we all long to hear. Contemporary perspectives of both Afghan women and those of American “girl soldiers” will serve as dramatic dialogue. Both sides are caught in the conflict of war surrounding them, both dealing with that special emotional state of being torn. The work will explore the underlying emotions they share in their roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives of warriors. All find themselves victims in the war in which they find themselves caught.

The full production will be mounted in January 2018 as part of the Women Voices in Theatre Festival.