Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan

Under Development

In its most ambitious cross-cultural collaboration work to date,  Alliance for New Music-Theatre brings to the Festival  a music-rich retelling of Euripides’ most famous anti-war play “Trojan Women” set in modern day Afghanistan. As the women sing and share their stories, they reach into Afghanistan’s rich and multi-cultural past, stitching together stories and songs that bring us into a deeper and more complex portrait most of us only see through the lens of a war-torn country. A hopeful and more uplifting side shines a light on the resilience of Afghan women, the beauty of their creative expressions, and especially their voices in music and poetry.

Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan in its world debut is a music-theatre adaptation represents a cross-cultural collaboration between Afghan and American artists and will showcase the cooperative efforts of two playwright-poets, two co-composers, and 16 performers drawn from American and Afghan musicians and singer-actors. The project represents the company’s mission of cultural diplomacy through the narrative of the important role of women in developing and nurturing the rebirth of civil society.


Performance schedule to be announced