Alliance for New-Music Theatre creates new works across the spectrum of music-theatre including
cabaret, musicals, opera, and mixed-media performances.

    Alliance for New Music-Theatre plans for 2015

We have quite the line up of exciting opportunities and projects coming up over the next 12 months.

We will announce our season formally in January.

This includes a remount of our Kafka’s Metamorphosis in May, finishing the work-in-progress we presented this past September with some new animation and music to polish this adaptation of Kafka’s seminal work.  We have been invited to perform the work in NYC and also to take the show to Prague where we have been invited to return and perform as part of the Prague Fringe Festival (May 22-30.)

In July, we plan to remount the finished Vaněk Unleashed, the critically acclaimed work and audience pleaser by composer Maurice Saylor and writer Susan Galbraith, as part of the D.C. Fringe Festival.

 Next September, the Alliance will produce a premiere of our most ambitious work to date, a new music-theatre adaptation of Karel Čapek’s R.U.R.  Čapek is the man who invented the word “robot,” and the play, written in 1920, seems more ominously true today than it was when it was first presented. The project will further our mission of cultural diplomacy in an ever deepening collaboration with the Czech Embassy.

Finally, we have two works-in-progress percolating throughout the year with several showcase evenings and workshops. One work marks a collaboration with Afghani poets and musicians in a new adaptation of Trojan Women. The other is a work with L.A. composer Tom Zehnder and poet Larry Ortiz about sojourners who come across our southern border. Samaritan: On the road to Arivaca is being developed as a chamber work with a children’s chorus.

Additionally, for those of you who like to join the company for our Live & About events followed by lively discussions, next year will include Bessie’s Blues at MetroStage with not-to-be-missed performer Bernadine Mitchell, a special music-dress rehearsal for Washington National Opera’s Dialogues of the Carmelites, and a summer field trip and picnic to Castleton Festival for the new opera Scalia/Ginsburg.

_______________Also in Our Repertory_______________

Kafka’s ”Metamorphosis”

What the media is saying about Alliance for New Music-Theatre’s

The Václav Havel Project

 “Artful. Brilliant. Irreverent. Simple, yet genius. Everything—from the writing to the stage direction and the acting itself—is a marvel to watch”  (DCTheatreScene)

“Sexy, bold, moving, and universal in its appeal” (Czech National Radio)

 “Intriguing stylized physicality” (Washington Post)

 “Funny, imaginative, lyrical” (DCMetroTheatreArts)

 To contact the Alliance about availability for tour bookings of the Havel Project contact us at or call 202-966-3104


Alliance for New Music-Theatre members Pamela Bierly-Jusino, Susan Galbraith, Duane Gelderloos, Ron Heneghan, Meghan McCall, Maurice Saylor and Drew Valins returned from the Prague Fringe Festival where they performed the Vaclav Havel Project for a week to responsive audiences and outstanding reviews.  It was recently announced that Susan Galbraith and Ron Heneghan were both nominated for “Best“ (Actress and Actor) for their roles in Vaclav Havel’s Unveiling, and their Vanek Unleashed was nominated for Best Creative Realization.

Click here to read more about the Prague Fringe Theatre Festival in an article by Susan Galbraith

Please help us reach our crowd funding goal for The Václav Havel Project.  Your donations will help defray the costs of space rental, rehearsal and performance expenses, promotional costs and licensing fees. Please go to this link now to contribute.  Your support is much appreciated.

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