Alliance Artists

Dawn Avery
Composer, Cellist, Musician
Yalda Baktash
Poet, Calligrapher, Performer, Media Host
Celebrating the beauty of Afghan arts
Michael Bowie
Composer, Musician, Jazz Bassist, Educator
Telling the story with world music
John Boulanger
Singer, Actor, Musician, Translator
Interpreting the Musical Canon
Miřenka Čechová
Performer, Director, Choreographer, Scholar
Robert Darling
Designer, Director
Shaping Artistic Space
George Fulginiti-Shakar
Music Director, Pianist, Vocal Coach
Telling the Story in Music
Susan Galbraith
Writer, Director, Performer, Educator
Developing Ensemble Works
Jeffrey Gwaltney
Vocalist, Instructor, Thesbian, and Performer
Interpreting Music Across Genres
Pamela Jusino
Singer, Actor, Dancer, Teacher
Performing as Heart-Song
 Ann Hoopes
Composer, Pianist, Producer
Making Sweet Tunes Come Alive
Ariel Jacobson
Actor, singer, musician, songwriter
Laura Lewis
Performers, Poet, Composer
Voice as Spirit
NJ Mitchell
Actress/Singer/Artistic Director
Making Edutainment the Coversation
Debra Tidwell
Music-Theatre, Jazz and Gospel Artist
Styling the Heart of a Song
Drew Valins
Performer, Teacher
Michael Yeshion
Actor, Singer, Director and Photographer
Kit Young
Pianist, Improvisor/Composer, Artistic Director