About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Alliance for New Music-Theatre fosters the collaboration of artists in Music-Theatre; nurtures the creation, development and performance of new Music-Theatre works; and promotes and sustains the appreciation of these new works in the greater community.

Who We Are

The Alliance is a collaborative organization made up of creative artists including composers, librettists, directors and musical directors, choreographers, designers, and invited members of the arts community and producing organizations.


To learn more about our members  visit our members page.

Our Goals

The focus of our year is to connect with other companies as well as individuals to further the conversation of new Music-Theatre and its many forms

To this end we are hosting a Live and About Music-Theatre group series in the Greater Washington area, gathering to enjoy examples of music theater from six our nation’s capital’s most celebrated performing venues. Following each performance will be a discussion led by Susan Galbraith, often in conjunction with a member of the artistic team from the producing theater.

Other Activities we engage in include:

  • Pulling together the collaborative elements of a creative team and bringing a new piece through stages of development into performance
  • Touring new works to festivals nationally and abroad as “cultural ambassadors” for new Music-Theatre works
  • Providing an interface with producers in region to bring new works to full production including managing theater ventures
  • Sponsoring workshops for singers and composer-librettist teams
  • Holding informal evening events where works-in-process might get an attentive and supportive ear
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue about experiments and ideas of collaboration regarding new Music-Theatre frontiers through symposia and other gatherings, in print, and through the creation of virtual communities, and,
  • In other ways fostering the appreciation of new Music-Theatre in our greater community

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