ROOMS a Rock Romance

Glasgow in the 1970’s. Monica, an ambitious singer songwriter meets Ian, a reclusive rocker.  They quickly become entangle creatively and romantically with their music and their quest for stardom taking them to London and New York City, discovering a vibrant new punk music scene along the way. A gritty rock musical exploring the universal desire to escape and create, to love and explore.

The show won critical raves and coveted Helen Hayes Awards for its debut at MetroStage, with rave reviews. On critic called it “ the most emotionally real and authentic musical this reviewer has ever seen.” Being brought back in its 10th Anniversary.

Thanks to all for the lively discussion after the performance. Remember that the most important thing in a musical/music-theater is that every song needs to (in some way) move the story forward.

Please continue the conversation now by weighing in on the following questions, as well as adding any other questions and comments:

  • What do you notice about the three songs?
  • What’s the journey told in the writing of words?
  • How is this supported and amplified in the music?
  • Does the emotion change suddenly and is that also echoed in the music?
  • Is the music felt as a suspension of a moment, a “flowering” of emotion in sound?
  • Or is it pushed forward in a more conversation, spoken (recit) kind of way?

Susan’s review is up on DCTheatreScene. Have a read