Featured Work: A Woman Changed Into A Fox

Alliance for New Music-Theatre announces its showcase of a new chamber opera, A Woman Changed Into A Fox.

Robert Bartlett Johnson, composer

Susan Galbraith, librettist

George Fulginiti-Shakar, musical director

Part detective story part magical fairy tale, the showcase features Phil Bender, John Boulanger, Chris Flint, Cindy Hutchins, Laura Lewis and Kara Morgan. Robert Darling, Designer, and Virginia Freeman, choreographer, joined the creative team to workshop the piece and have brought their prodigious talents to the endeavor. Pamela Jusino, who originated the role of the Housekeeper, is also featured on the recorded excerpts.

Based loosely on a novella written in 1922 by Bloomsbury author David Garnett, A Woman Changed into a Fox traces the story of a man, Charles Tebrick, who asserts that a strange transformation has occurred. Silvia, his new wife, out on a perfectly ordinary day and in the happiest of times, has indeed turned into a fox. Has she? We follow the characters as each of them presents a different side of the tale.

In our mission to engage audiences in the process of developing new music-theatre, we invite you into the conversation about the creation of this work. We value your interest and your feedback. We will share recordings, photographs, drawings, design sketches, and performer blogs as we continue our work on A Woman Changed into a Fox, scheduled for full production in November.

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September 2011 Open Rehearsal




Music Samples from A Woman Who Changed Into A Fox

CHORUS #2 (Moderation On A Tray) – Ensemble


It Was The Time Of Day – solo: Tebrick


A Stitch In Time – solo: Silvia


CHORUS #3 (When We Are Overcome) – Ensemble


Scene 18 – recit. duet: Housekeeper & Inspector


Breast Song – solo: Nancy, the maid


CHORUS #4 (Tittle Tattle) – Ensemble

Pictures from the rehearsal March 19, 2011